Diaspora in Europe

Nico and Natacha have experienced different cultures & languages in different parts of the world for the past 25 plus years.
We can easily identify with the diaspora in Europe and understand the urgent need of a Bible-based, truly evangelical community.

“Good Newscasters”

Our passion is -to seize- this unique and time sensitive opportunity to evangelise and disciple these internationals (muslim & atheistic background students, refugees, expatriates, foreign workers from many different countries) in Kiel, Germany.
The goal is that these foreigners become some of the most strategic “Good Newscasters” for the times to come.

Joining forces

With a group of Elders, Nico and Natacha are leading the International Church in Kiel

Nico Chantel

of KielChurch

For over 25 years God gave me the opportunity to serve as a pastor, hospital chaplain
and military chaplain in the French Navy and in other parts of the world.

We have lived in different countries and experienced different cultures as well as different Christian denominations and church settings. Those experiences have enriched and equipped us tremendously to serve internationals from any background.
As a couple, we know that God calls us to join our experiences in international settings and we are excited to offer this International Christian Fellowship, for English speakers, in unity with the local christian churches.

Natacha Chantel

of KielChurch

After having worked for 13 years with Wycliffe Bible translators in the USA, Central Asia and other countries, the Lord gave me the opportunity for seven years to equip women in their faith by recording many Christian TV programs.

English – a connecting language – worldwide

Since 2017 people
from over sixty four countries
were represented at KielChurch

People touched –
Lives transformed

Just a few testimonies of how God is impacting

Amad from Central Asia

“Coming to the weekly Bible study has brought me back to Jesus.
I was going further away in my faith due to personal struggles in my life and having no one I can share my faith with.
Thank you for feeding us with the pure Word of God.”

Lina from China

“I am not a practicing any religion. I am not a Christian. But I come here for fellowship and to meet other English speakers. I came to Kiel three months ago. I didn’t know anyone.
It felt so lonely being far away from my country where family ties are very strong.
Kiel Church has been that family to me since my arrival.”

Anisa from India

“I felt so lonely because I don’t speak German or know anyone. Here my studies are all in English… I came to KielChurch to meet other English speakers. I am Hindu, can I still come back?”

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