Nico and Natacha have experienced different cultures & languages in different parts of the world for the past 25 plus years.

We can easily identify with the diaspora in Europe and understand the urgent need of a Bible-based, truly evangelical community.

Our passion is -to seize- this unique and time sensitive opportunity to evangelise and disciple these internationals (muslim & atheistic background students, refugees, expatriates, foreign workers from many different countries) in Kiel, Germany.

The goal is that these foreigners become some of the most strategic “Good Newscasters” for the times to come.

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Come on board with us…

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What is International Ministry?

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A vision, a goal, a passion – Sharing Jesus


A passion to minister to spiritually homeless internationals in Europe in English.

Nico and his wife Natacha are both missionaries and share the same passion in making Christ known beyond borders.

Nico: For over 25 years God gave me the opportunity to serve as a pastor, hospital chaplain and military chaplain in the French Navy.

Through my own experience of living in six countries among different cultures, languages and Christian traditions, I became aware of a specific spiritual need internationals have.

These foreigners, such as international students, foreign workers and business people, tourists and refugees, depend on English as a common language.

Their urgent need is for a Bible-based and truly evangelical community–a place where they can find a spiritual home and continue to grow in the Lord Jesus. Often we are far away from our family and church, in a new country, challenged by a new language, new customs and fighting loneliness. The language barrier makes any meaningful Christian fellowship almost impossible.

When I was reassigned to the City of Marseille and in desperate need of Christian fellowship, the Lord led me to an emerging evangelical, English speaking International Church in Marseille. For seven years I had the privilege of working and serving in this church which also provided the spiritual nurture I so desperately needed.

This time prepared me for the work to which God has called me now, as a missionary.

Natacha: God used my dual upbringing – enforced atheism in the former Soviet Union and my Muslim background – to give me a better understanding for International Ministry.

After having taught English in a State University in Central Asia, the Lord called me to work for many years with Wycliffe Bible Translators and in women’s ministry with People International: discipleship training through many TV programs as well as in person.

Christ drew me to Himself through missionaries. Having received His grace abundantly myself, my desire is to extend that same grace to others.

Our vision with International Ministry is beyond ministering to people, who have moved from other countries to Germany, for work or study or seeking shelter from war. We see in those people “on the move”, some of the most strategic “Good Newscasters” for the times to come.

Here is an example: a fast growing number of middle eastern refugees, studying in English in Northern Germany. Just imagine the impact a converted soul can have on their own people! It is far beyond what we could ever do in their respective countries.

And there are many more immigrants from different countries in Germany. This creates a unique opportunity for us to evangelize and disciple these internationals, providing spiritual shelter and spiritual food through Bible studies and fellowship in English.

As a couple, we know that God calls us to join our experiences in international settings and we are passionate about beginning this evangelism effort this Fall, God willing, in unity with the local christian churches.

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